Marquee Hire FAQ

What is the difference between a lined and unlined marquee?

Lined marquees are more luxurious, and the function of the lining is to cover the PVC walls and marquee frame to give a more elegant look to the marquee. Most clients opt for a lined marquee for a wedding and an unlined marquee for functional or casual events.

Are marquees waterproof?

Yes, all our marquees are waterproof. On the occasion where heavy rain is pouring off the roof onto the ground and it is not absorbed into the ground quick enough, a suspended hardwood floor will guarantee that there will be no seepage into the tent.

When do you erect the marquee for my event?

We usually erect the marquee 2 or 3 days before the event. This depends on the size of your event and the weather.

Will I need heating for my event?

This is very dependent on the time of year your event is being held as well as the Great British weather. If the days prior to your event it looks as if it might be a bit chilly we can provide you with a heater, to make sure you can relax knowing that all is under control. 

Can I have a marquee attached to my home?

Yes; this is a great way of giving you extra space for your party, and if you’re looking for a dance floor or some extra seating area, this is the perfect solution. 

Can marquees be opened up on warm days?

Yes, all our marquees have the option to unclip the sides, you will be given a demonstration when the marquee is erected.

Where do you deliver marquees to?

We deliver to Hampshire and to selected areas in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, and Surrey. 

Do you only provide the marquee hire?

No, we can supply everything that you will need to make your event perfect.