3rd December 2014

A summer of wonderful marquees

What a fantastic sunny summer we enjoyed this year which made it perfect party weather. Here is a round-up of just a few of the marquees we designed and built this summer to house some very memorable parties and weddings.  That is what I particularly love about my job - taking the ideas a client has, adding our creative touch, turning them into more than they expected and creating a wonderful and bespoke venue in which they create fantastic memories of their occasion.


Client Brief #1:

"25 guests for dinner and dancing linked to our house which we will use for reception drinks"

Left to right: The terrace wrapping around the house, the marquee frame going up, the marquee in place.



Above: The hardwood floor laid down.


Left to right: The soft seating in place, the bar with illuminated soft seating.


Above: The table laid ready for guests.



Client Brief #2:

"We have finished renovating our home and I want to hold our wedding reception in the garden, but it’s really important to me that the house becomes part of the marquee, with my decking and water feature within the marquee and on the lower part of the lawn over-looking the river we have a chill out area - oh, and I want it all in white!"

Left to right: The site before the marquee arrives, the marquee equipment being delivered, the central atrium being constructed.


Left to right: The central atrium, the view from the top of the marquee, the clear roof panels and gable-end linked to the house.


Left to right: Underneath the 40 degree central atrium, the black & white dancefloor with night sky (attached to the main marquee), the chill-out area overlooking the river.



Client brief #3

"We are having an Indian wedding at Avington Park; are you happy to work with our supplier of Indian furniture and our caterer? However, we would like you to organise everything and run the front of house."

Indian wedding marquee with MandapMandap for Indian Wedding

Left to right: The erected marquee with mandap and chairs in place, the ceremony being prepared.


Indian cuisine for an Indian wedding by Indian catering company Ragassan

Above: We worked with a London-based Indian catering company, Ragassan, and we've never seen such a big pan of rice!



Client brief #4

"I have booked Avington Park for my wedding - can you pull everything together for me?"

Left to right: The beautiful Avington Park, the frame being constructed to link to the library, the all-important service tent.


Above: Looks like a day out for me!


Left to right: The peaked roof panels make a real difference, the clear gable ends allow more light in, the soft seating/chill-out area.


Above: The top table in all its glory.



Client brief #5

"We would like a family day with garden games and afternoon tea, and then to turn the marquee around, change the table shape for dinner in the evening with a ceilidh band."

Left to right: The marquee's suspended floor being laid out, the suspended floor and frame being erected, the marquee taking shape.


Left to right: The internal layout for afternoon tea before the chairs were added, the clear gable end overlooking the house, afternoon tea served from the market stalls.


Above: The marquee interior tranformed for dinner and dancing.


Above: The marquee being dismantled.



Client brief #6

"I want something a little different for my party."

Left to right: Central atrium marquee with additional peaked roof panels, the site before the marquee was dressed.


Above: The central atrium marquee with additional reception and dining marquees linked to the main section. We also added a night sky in the reception and dancing areas, as well as a LED circular bar and chequerboard dancefloor.



Client brief #7

"A new theme for this year's Bonfire party, please Kaye - Dad and I like country and western music, so how about a mix between Dolly Parton meets Blazing Saddles?!"


Left to right: The build beginning on a very damp and grey November morning, the marquee being assembled.


Left: The entrance to the marquee was in the style of a barn, with hessian-lined roof and walls, sawdust on the floor, and wooden beams.

Right: Cowboy tucker was served from our gigantic frying pans, with an imitation fire underneath. The buffet was served from cowboy wagons.


Left: Trestle dining tables surrounded the central camp fire, which was overlooked by a life-sized cowboy on a horse.

Right: Cowgirls on the bar - yee-ha!



These are just a handful of the marquees we designed, put up and dressed this year - a great summer - and I hope this will give you some ideas of what we can do for you.